War Machines | 5th Anniversary

Hey Commanders,

The long awaited moment is here! War Machines is turning 5 on the 16th of November and, for the next 10 days, we are going to celebrate with you.

You are an incredibly committed, friendly and loyal community and we want to show our appreciation to you all, so we prepared 10 unforgettable days full of reasons to stick around! Here are some of the things you can expect:
  • Special Rewards starting this Monday;
  • We have 2 new cool Pattern and Decal sets: the Anniversary set (left) and the Commander set (right) -- starting next week;
flag_anniversary_goofy_final_01 (1).         flag_anniversary_final_01 (1)
  • 3 special Clan Decal events (we just started the first);
  • 3 unique Championships (psst, the first one is free to enter!).



Clan Decal


Nov12 (Fri)

1st Clan Decal -- Day 1/4


Nov13 (Sat)

1st Clan Decal -- Day 2/4

Championship1 (Free entry)

Nov14 (Sun)

1st Clan Decal -- Day 3/4


Nov15 (Mon)

1st Clan Decal -- Day 4/4


Nov16 (Tue)

2nd Clan Decal -- Day 1/1

Championship 2

Nov17 (Wed)

3rd Clan Decal -- Day 1/5

Championship 2

Nov18 (Thu)

3rd Clan Decal -- Day 2/5

Championship 2

Nov19 (Fri)

3rd Clan Decal -- Day 3/5


Nov20 (Sat)

3rd Clan Decal -- Day 4/5

Championship 3

Nov21 (Sun)

3rd Clan Decal -- Day 5/5

Championship 3

If you are good at quizzes and you want a chance to win diamonds, you should know that we are going to have one on Discord. If they’re not your cup of tea, no worries, because we will also have a Giveaway. We will tell you more about that soon!

We have a lot more exciting things to share with you during this celebration, so make sure to head to our Discord server and  stay tuned to our social channels for more surprises! Until then, let the celebrations begin!!