Sky Warriors | Version 2.11 Announcement

Hello Pilots,

Version 2.11 is coming and we’d like to highlight the issues we are addressing, as well as some very exciting new content! We are still wrapping up a couple of things but it should be available by the beginning of next week.



As mentioned in the last announcement, we’re adding a new game mode, and it’s coming in this update: Team Deathmatch!


Along with it, we have improved the scoring system:

  • Revenge Kill added: a new scoring possibility in all game modes where you get more points taking down the enemy that last destroyed your aircraft
  • Team Deathmatch scores: very similar to the old Skirmish scoring system, except assists award more points
  • Score increases in Payload: we’ve also noticed we had more room for increases in the Payload scoring system, so we’ve increased the points awarded per kill and targets destroyed


More details in the image:


To make the scoring rules clearer, they remain the same as those of the previous systems, except a few values have been increased. Here are more details and examples:

  • The kill streak score is multiplied by the longest streak the player had during the match. It can also be equal to one, meaning there was no actual streak. This means that in Team Deathmatch if all a player did in a battle was to kill one enemy (not being the first kill of the match), their final score will be 100 points (75 from the kill + 25 for the “streak” of one)
  • In an additional example in Team Deathmatch, if a player kills two enemies in a row before getting shot down (K-K-D), their score will be 200 points (150 from the kills + 50 from the streak of two kills), whereas if they had got taken down between those kills (K-D-K), their total score would be 175 points (150 from the kills + 25 from the max “streak” of one kill)
  • Assists and targets destroyed don't count towards the kill streak
  • There’s no point deduction for deaths but they will count towards the enemy team’s match score in Skirmish and Team Deathmatch, no matter how they happened
  • In Payload, “Objective” refers to the cargo plane as a whole, destroying it means taking down all of its turbines. “Target” refers to every single engine.
  • Revenge kill is awarded when a player takes down the last enemy that destroyed them. That enemy will be identifiable by a red skull next to their target indicator during the match




We have also greatly improved the rewards of chests in the game, here are the details:


The number of items per chest multiplied by a factor of 2.4 to 4.2x, depending on its rarity:



As for their currency rewards:

  • Coin rewards increased by between 25 and 150%, depending on the chest rarity and the player’s current tier
  • Diamond rewards increased by 45% in diamond chests




  • Made a fix that seems to have solved the decal unequipping issue in our tests, please let us know if it persists after this update so we can further work on it!
  • Introduced the Player Chat Report system. You may now report player abuse in the game chat directly and it will be more readily accessible to our Trust & Safety team
  • Reviewed the Desert and Volcano Maps spawn points to bring them closer to the action
  • Added First Down, Revenge, and Streak feedback during the gameplay

Thank you for all the helpful comments you have been sharing with us. Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated, join our channels and talk to us!