TIER 9 TANKS - T-84 Oplot-M


Let's have a look at our fourth Tier 9 tank: The T-84 Oplot-M!

The T-84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank (MBT), a development of the Soviet T-80 main battle tank introduced in 1976. The T-84 was first built in 1994 and entered service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 1999. The T-84 is based on the diesel-engined T-80 version, the T-80UD. Its high-performance opposed-piston engine makes it one of the fastest MBTs in the world, with a power-to-weight ratio of about 26 horsepower per tonne (19 kW/t). The T-84 Oplot is an advanced version incorporating an armoured ammunition compartment in a new turret bustle; ten of these entered Ukrainian service in 2001.

Mass 46 tonnes 
Length 7.086 m (23 ft 3 in)
Width 3.775 m (12 ft 5 in)
Height 2.215 m (7 ft 3 in)
Crew 3 (commander, driver, gunner)
Main armament 125 mm smoothbore KBA-3 cannon (43 rds) 120 mm smoothbore gun (40 rds)
Secondary armament

7.62 mm KT-7.62 Coaxial machine gun
12.7 mm KT-12.7 anti-aircraft machine gun

TheT-84 Oplot-M in War Machines



The last tank in the Tier 9 line is the T-84 Oplot-M, a contender to be the fastest MBT in the world presently and that comes equipped with a variety of speed-related tech options. With a solid light green colour scheme and good initial stats, it’s definitely the fastest T9 tank and the one that requires the most skill to drive properly. It has some very fun possibilities for tech combinations, and can still bring serious destructive power through Ferocious and Wildfire!

The T-84 Oplot-M can be a beast of a tank, but it requires skill to make the most of it, both in driving and in aiming! It gets critically fast when Hasty or Retreat activate, and will only reward the most skilful drivers with the most critical of hits! Or maybe it’ll get you to that repair supply drop to bring you back into the fray? Quick drivers need to make quick decisions!

Below you can see the blueprints of the-84 Oplot-M for its conception inside the game.

T84UOplot_Allposes copy


T-84 Oplot-M Stats & Skills.

We know how important it is for you to know about the statistics of each tank. We are happy to share these numbers with you upfront. Just keep in mind the numbers are bound to change overtime to make sure the tanks are well balanced. We will always communicate clearly changes and the rationale behind them.

ARMOUR 6200 15305
DAMAGE 2050 3805

We are also happy to share with you the tech skills that will be available on the PT-91 Twardy:

  • Hasty: fast move after spawning.
  • Retreat: Speed when hurt
  • Turbo: Increases movement + Rpm, decreases damage and HP
  • Ricochet: % Chance to negate damage
  • Ferocious: +RPM when low HP
  • Wildfire: Fire DoT

Once the multiple tech skills will be available, you will have different possibilities of builds! Here are some fun ideas of possible builds for you to prepare for this incoming feature!

Build Variant Skills Required Gameplay Strategy
Speed Demon Variant Hasty, Retreat, Turbo You get fast every time you’re hit, and slightly faster as your armour is deducted. And Turbo also makes you faster, always. And you shoot faster too. Swap one for Ricochet if you’re taking hard hits, or Wildfire if you wanna make it hot!
Templar Variant Ricochet, Ferocious, Wildfire Ricochet will protect you as you cleanse your battlefields with fire, Ferociously increasing your fire rate as your armour drops below 50%. The choice of the most righteous warriors!


We hope that you found this information useful and we would love to know what you think about the T-84 Oplot-M. Tell us if you like the idea of having different builds and what kind of set-up you already have in mind! Join the discussion.