New Gun Preview

First however, we’ll talk about the topic most of you are here to read about....

Say hello to our newest Tier 26 weapon — the Crow Rifle (Name TBD)!

crow rifle png

We’re aiming to have this in the game next month, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long. The rifle will be rewarded through a special edition of Zombie Nightmare, and will only be obtainable through events. It’s a 10-20% damage upgrade on the MSR, depending on your upgrade level. So if you want the edge in the’d best get practicing your zombie slaying skills! 🧟‍♀️

Event Currency

Unlike other rifles, the Crow Rifle will be upgraded through our new Event Currency (see the image above).

This special currency will be obtained exclusively through events, and you’ll be able to earn a bunch playing Zombie Nightmare and Head Hunters. There will be additional tickets available in Squad Leaderboards too, so you’ll want to make sure you and your squad are fully levelled up and geared to get the most points possible.

Trophy Changes & Automated Bans

After we released a new system for trophy inflation/deflation earlier in the month, we listened to your feedback and took it back to the lab for some important changes. It’s almost ready for release and we think this one will be a lot more player friendly, while still combating the elo-bombing problem.

Unfortunately, the last iteration of the feature had a major bug that caught a lot more players in the “deflation” field than it should have. This time round, only 5.0% players will have their points deflated, and this is likely to reset after a few games of play.

If you want more information on the change and who it’ll affect, check out our new blog article on the topic.

We’ll be releasing automated ban waves alongside the trophy adjustments too. We’re currently waiting for a platform review on the release, so decided to hold off putting it live until after the weekend.

This means we’ll be able to catch hackers and cheats on a more frequent basis than we were before. These ban-waves will run several times a week, so we’re expecting a much cleaner Arena to follow. 


Resolved Issues ✔️
  • Resolved an issue where the bonus energy gained from completing an Arena Challenge round wasn’t gained, even after restarting the app.
  • Fixed an issue with the Daily Deals timer being higher than 24hr (coming next week!)
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