🗡 Tactical Updates 🗡

  • Lunar Event Issues & Compensation 🌙

As many of you are aware, we experienced a few issues with the launch of the Lunar New Year event. Many players weren’t able to access the leaderboards and were instead stuck seeing the “spinning wheel of death.”

wheel of death
After investigating, we found that the problem was caused due to the visual part of the leaderboard. When certain squads/players ended up with a score that was too high, this issue was triggered and no one was able to access that specific leaderboard. To alleviate this and have everyone be able to participate in the event as soon as possible, we deployed a hotfix on Monday containing a workaround which let everyone participate normally. As a result, squads/players that have scored more than 2,147,483,647 would have seen their score capped in the leaderboard. That being said, even if your score was capped visually in the leaderboard, your placement (and subsequently your rewards) would still be based on your real score. We’re currently working on fixing the display issue so that real scores will be displayed for future events.

Additionally, we will be sending 💎 1500 Diamonds 💎 to everyone that was affected by this issue as a gesture of appreciation for everyone’s continued patience while we worked through the problem. Anyone who collected at least one milestone in the event will be eligible. We’re aiming to get the compensation out to players this week, so keep your eyes open for that.

  • Giveaway Winners 🏆

Our Winter Ops Gear giveaway concluded recently, and we've recently sent the lucky winners their prizes! Congratulations to:

Jordifa, Lorvec13, Rowtag, MHesch2008, KitKat3667, BG Enigma, ⓈⒶ Benigni, 乃ㄒᎶ☆卂Ҝ丨, ellis_the_boy, ⓈⓂZEPPⓈⓈ, DanQc23, pxttZy, quockhang08, Laurent⑥⑥, Soul_Assassins, ♡ᴍᴀᴄᴋᴇʏ♡, Reticent, ₳QɄ₳₥₳Ɽł₦Ɇ狂, Bornshadown and FFK ƊƛƝƓƖ for winning 1000 Diamonds. And... A MASSIVE congratulations to ⒻⓃ★AZ222★ⒻⓃ, DEADEYE, Miss Blake, Dulce Monkey and STL★Z71Z119 for winning a full set of Winter Ops Gear each!

We’ll be hosting more of these giveaways in the near future, so make sure to check your inbox to know when the next one goes live.

  • Event Schedule 📅

We’ve got plenty of Lunar New Year Head Hunting action coming over the next few weeks, check out our schedule and bonuses below!

  • Feb 27 - 28 | Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Solo)
  • Feb 27 - 28 | Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Squad)
  • Mar 6 - 7 |Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Solo)
  • Mar 6 - 7 | Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Squad)
  • Mar 13 - 14 | Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Solo)
  • Mar 13 - 14 | Lunar New Year - Head Hunters (Squad)

Premium and Special weapons: +15% points per upgrade

Diamond Weapons (purchased with diamonds): +10% points per upgrade

Other weapons: +5% points per upgrade

🗡 Flashpoints 🗡

Resolved Issues ✔️
  • Missing Diamonds should no longer go missing
  • Blue Mod XP bar unstuck
  • Lunar Event Leaderboard hotfixed
New Issues ❌
  • Achievements failing to unlock
  • Sporadic matchmaking issues
  • Event granting Winter Gear (intended, but confusing)


Thanks for reading! Make sure to keep up to date on our social media pages, and we'll see you in the Arena!