Hello everyone! 👋

This is the first Roadmap that the Sniper 3D team has put together. We are working towards improving our communications to allow more context and get you to understand our vision for the future of the game. Therefore, from now on, we will bring you these as much as we can, highlighting major updates on the direction and initiatives from the development team. We’ll highlight the direction of the game and keep you up to date on any changes that could impact your gameplay or your overall Sniper 3D experience. 

During this phase we will focus heavily on technical efficiency and maintenance, performance and stability; outstanding player issues reported by the community will also be a top priority. This will ensure that our players will have a more stable game to play and enjoy a better playing experience.

Besides the general stability of the game, we will also intend to focus on fixing some of the main requests that have been highlighted by our community: event scoring issues, revisiting squad search, and account saving & recovery are at the top of our list for the upcoming quarter. We will also implement additional security measures to ensure a fair gameplay environment free of potential cheaters. 

We will continue to release new content, we have two new rifles (besides glacier) and a new gear set coming later this quarter!  

Roadmap final

We fully understand that our focus on technical stability is necessary before moving forward with new content in our game. We don't expect to solve all matters in the following quarter, but we will do our best to address the most latent ones. We expect to also constantly release improvements in newer versions so we will make sure to keep you all updated with the changes to come previously to the launch.

As a sneak-peek into Q4, following these three months, we will move our focus on improving features, and creating new Events!

Stay tuned!