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Multiple Tech Skills / 6.13.0

Hey Commanders,

We are extremely excited to tell you that the long awaited multiple tech skills feature is here so check your store, update 6.13.0 should be available soon!

While it took us a little bit longer than expected to be able to release it, this is such an amazing feature and we wanted to make sure it will be as awesome as you expected it to be! Without further ado, let’s dive into it and see what changes you should expect!


Multiple tech skills is one of the biggest changes in War Machines so far, which will allow you to equip 2 tech skills at once out of the list of options available for each T6, T7, T8 and T9 tank.

As you probably already know, all T9 Tech trees are similar and require the same amount of tech points to be fully researched and each tank has a very different list of tech skills, so if you hadn’t decided yet which is your favorite Tier 9 Tank, you will have to make that decision based on your personal preference of playstyle and strategy.



The unlock process for MTS is dependent on the levels of upgrade parts of each tank, with the unlock level defined per tier. Once the threshold has been reached, a second tech skill slot is unlocked for the tank, allowing for a second tech skill to be equipped simultaneously. The list below explains the minimum upgrade levels required:

Tier 6 -> 20 lvl across all upgrades
Tier 7-> 20 lvl across all upgrades
Tier 8 -> 25 lvl across all upgrades
Tier 9 -> 25 lvl across all upgrades

Please note that all upgrade parts need to be at the minimum required level to unlock the second tech skill slot.


Many of our team’s playtests generated cool builds and combinations. Some prefered to pair a defensive tech with an aggressive one, looking for balance, while others went all out, combining 2 defensive tech skills or 2 aggressive ones, in attempts to specialize.
We would love to know what builds you have in mind - make sure to comment and let us know what combination you are going for!


To ensure that the Multiple Tech Skills feature is well balanced, some tech skills had to be reevaluated. Some paired effects were way too strong and would have put other tiers at a disadvantage - we want to make it fun while keeping it fair!

Let’s have a look at the tech skills changes:

Critical Repairs activation threshold was altered from 50% to 25% health, while its armor regeneration rate is still the same, 5% per second until armor surpasses the threshold;
Hunter had its effect changed from 25% to 15% bonus damage against side and back enemy armor. The tech also reduces the damage you inflict on enemies’ frontal armor by 25%, this effect has not been changed;
Focus effect was reduced from 10% per shot, with 3 shots to max (30% max), to 6% per shot with 4 shots to max (24% max);
Charged Shot full charge effect reduced from 40% to 28% extra damage;
Bulwark continues to improve side and back defenses, reducing side damage you take by 15% and back damage by 20%. Previous numbers were 30/40% respectively;
Swift effect used to double turret turning speed, but has been changed to improve turret turning speed by 60% instead. It continues to improve fire rate by 5% as it always has.

We will continue to bring you updates and information in the future, so make sure to stay tuned to our Social Media Channels!

Over and out!